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From our Eat Real to Heal 6-week online program, where Nicolette walks you through the exact steps to heal your body, to a 6 month Certification course teaching you how to bring this knowledge to others and launch your own business, there is a course for you. 

All courses are online, and can be taken from anywhere in the world. All you need is a passion for health, wellness and the environment, and a desire to heal yourself and others.

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Start healing your body today + learn how to take this knowledge to your community


Learn from an Orthomolecular Health standpoint on how you can benefit from eating whole, natural foods and what these foods can do to optimize your body, brain and overall wellbeing.  With over 15 years’ experience helping people arrest and reverse disease through nutrition, I will teach how to treat a wide range of chronic illness and allow your body to heal itself.



1-on-1 with Chronic Disease Reversal Specialist, Dr. Nicolette Richer, DSocSci


Richer Health Retreats are held in locations in Canada and around the world for people of all ages to rest, revive, and reactivate their body’s natural ability to heal and combat disease.

Experience the Eat Real To Heal lifestyle based on Metabolic Nutrition, Detoxification, and Cellular Regeneration. The Eat Real To Heal protocol is an alternative, non-toxic option for treating cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, skin conditions, and 150+ chronic and degenerative diseases.



Join us on a variety of retreat based workshops


Thanks for sharing your deep expertise with me, and guiding me on the path to staying cancer free. It's a murky world out there when it comes to health, healing and nutrition, I now believe I understand the what, when and why much better and am on the road to healthier living.
Thank You!


The online Eat Real to Heal program has been wonderfully informative and easy to use. Adhering to the Eat Real to Heal guidelines taught by Nicky has left me with an overwhelming sense of cleanliness both in my body and my mind. Thank you.

Meghan, Nutrition + Detox Coach

The Eat Real to Heal program was an awesome resource for learning how to live from a place of optimal health. I was not expecting my personal diet to be affected as much as it did, especially because I already follow a plant-based diet. However, from the program, I learned SO much!


Nicolette ran a workshop on nutrition and health for our Food Skills and Nutrition Program developed for low income seniors and families. The participants were excited about the information and the recipes they came away with. The next day, two people approached me and mentioned they had made a smoothie following one of her recipes, and many expressed interest in working with Nicolette longer term to improve their own health.

stephanie nichols

As a cancer patient, I believe I now know what to do to ensure I beat it. Nicolette is a fabulous presenter and uses science to back up her teachings of the Gerson Therapy. Now it is up to me. I'm committed to Eat Real to Heal!

Marie-Lynn, Nutrition + Detox Coach

I have been blown away by the amount of support I have received throughout the Nutrition + Detox Certification Course. It has felt like our own little family.  The motivation and knowledge I gained from Nicolette has driven me through the roof, class after class. I’m so thankful to have found this certification course. I’m still mind blown at how much I’ve learned in just a short 3 months. What a beautiful, talented bunch. I’m very excited and look forward to being a part of the richer health team.

premier john horgan

As Premier of the Province of BC, I would like to thank you for joining Minister Bruce Ralston and me for the Business in BC Roundtable. It was stirring to hear from business leaders who are so committed to seting new standards for social and environmental performance. Your bold ideas for doing business differently were inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing your stories and your challenges. Your work makes important contributions to BC. Our government is comimitted to making life better for everyone and I want to thank you for everything you do in your community to make BC a great place to live and work.

Ellen we - spark kombucha

I attended a presentation at my workplace during health and safety week. I had no idea the lasting impact Nicolette’s presentation would have on me. Instead of the usual “stretch at your desk” type tips, I was introduced to the concept of true optimal health. I realized that my status quo view of “healthy” was not enough in this day and age. I accepted colds, migraines, fatigue and food allergies as a part of my life. Shortly after her presentation, I implemented her recommendations and saw a positive transformation. It is not ok to accept feeling anything less than fantastic. I now believe that we can enable our bodies to heal and that we can unlock this power by incorporating certain habits in the routine of our modern busy lives.

Anne Essler (cancer soldier who is winning)

I met Nicolette Richer when I decided to take on the Gerson Therapy in my home.  Nicolette came to my house and stayed for 3 days educating not only me, but a whole group of people who were interested to learn more about Gerson. We all had an incredible informative 5 hours.  No one wanted to leave and people departed feeling they had learned so much as well as making a new friend. Nicolette is a serious alternative health practitioner who is constantly learning more about our good health. Having Nicolette on your team is a sure way to give you strength, courage, love,and a new way to look at your good health. 

peter katz

I LOVED (loved)(loved) your presentation at our corporate event. I’m such a WFPB (whole food, plant-based) advocate and it was downright thrilling for me to see someone as knowledgable and well-spoken as yourself speaking to a group of people who could actually effect change in a big way (if they decide to listen to you :) I think it was pretty new information for some of them so hopefully you got a few more converts and at the very least, planted some important seeds. The kool-aid has been fully consumed over here!  (sugar free freshly squeezed kool-aid with filtered water and organic pesticide free berries)

allison hunter

We are always honoured to have Nicolette speaking and cooking on our Culinary Stage at Nourish during Cornucopia in Whistler.   Her events are some of our highest attended and there is always a buzz in the room after everyone has eaten.  People leave feeling energized, empowered and excited to incorporate what they have learned in to their lifestyles.  She is passionate, warm, very knowledgeable and her positivity is contagious.   She is spreading a beautiful message and we are always pleased to give her a platform to do so! 

michelle martin- whole human adventures

Nicolette has a healer’s heart and a scientist’s mind. Her insights are not only profoundly practical, but also deeply motivating towards the health behavior changes we all need to live happier, healthier and more whole lives.

kevani m

I signed up for the Nutrition + Detox Certification Course hoping it would open up a new area of learning for me – and it certainly did. The course content and assigned "homework" has opened my eyes to disturbing issues within our food industry and health care system and has motivated me to begin what I hope is a lifelong journey into harnessing the power of food to keep my family and loved ones healthy. I would recommend the course to everyone, from moms like me looking for ways to raise healthy kids and benefit our local communities to certified nutritionists looking for a specialty protocol like this one to add to their toolbox.

Charlene lo - program director, hollyhock

There are few people with comparable positive energy to Nicolette. My experience of her as a speaker and workshop facilitator can be captured in a word: Inspiring. Her storytelling ability paired with her willingness to be open and vulnerable are such a beautiful combination. I always enjoy my time connecting with Nicolette, be it about work, life or play. Thank you for being the shining bright light that you are! The world of health, wellness, nutrition and beyond are so much better for it.

anonymous - mercer annual conference

Very good talk. Enjoyed the frank discussion and no nonsense approach. Best session of the conference.

sarah s.

When I convinced myself to give life one last shot, I was on TONS of medication and in constant pain. That’s when everything changed. Nicolette, I hope you realize the work you do is responsible for me still being here on this beautiful bountiful earth. I was starting the process of jumping through all the hoops in an effort to be approved for bariatric surgery which I no longer need. I’m truly living, grateful beyond measure for this incredible gift. I am now hopeful and happy and cannot wait to share the rest of my journey with the people whose passion for health and wellness has changed everything for me AND my children.

Cindy MacMillan - Senior Manager , anthem properties

Highlights for this year: Collectively we lost 87.2 Pounds, 39.7% body fat, 45.87 inches! Thanking for taking the time to educate us and bring in the delicious food. Your presentation was amazing!

hayley ingman, earthsave whistler

I have had the pleasure of attending several of Nicolette's talks and workshops and can attest that she is an excellent speaker. From captivating stories of individuals who have found health and healing by introducing clean, organic nutrition into their lives, to detailed facts about health and the biology of our bodies, Nicolette is one of the most invigorating and engaging speakers I have witnessed. In addition to her wealth of knowledge, her warm and caring nature is shared so generously with the audience and I always find myself feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered after one of her talks. I have not only attended Nicolette's talks as a member of the audience, I also invited Nicolette to speak at a screening of the documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer that I hosted through Earthsave Whistler. Nicolette didn't hesitate to volunteer her time to help at this event and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would high recommend Nicolette as both a speaker and workshop host.