with Nicolette Richer, your podcast host and guide to start using organic, plant-strong, whole foods as medicine.

This podcast is a mix of real healing-hero stories, conversations with leading scientists and doctors, and the how-to’s to reverse hundreds of so-called ’incurable’ chronic, degenerative diseases -such as infertility, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, skin issues, depression and other mental health challenges, cancer and more- to achieve optimal health, one bite at a time.

May it inspire you to reclaim your health and take back your life!




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I am extremely excited to be interviewing Howard Straus, a force of nature in the plant-based food world and a major influencer in the Gerson Therapy movement. Learn about his childhood, how he grew up and see what a great example he is, for living your life to the fullest, knowing that food is medicine and that there is no need to succumb to drugs.

“The body knows what to go after to heal itself. It knows!” Howard Straus

Connect with Howard, listen to his weekly radio show The Power of Natural Healing, live every Monday at 11 am PST on the Voice America Health and Wellness Channel. Learn more about the life of Dr. Max Gerson, read his bio: Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless. More resources about Dr. Max Gerson and the nutritional therapy he created on www.gersonmedia.com

This conversation highlights reasons as to why a plant-based and real food diet can keep you strong, vibrant and disease-free so that you can live a long and vibrant life.

Ep. 1

Connecting with Dr. Max Gerson’s grandson: Howard Straus

Learn how Andrew “Spud Fit” Taylor reclaimed his health, his mind and his life by living a year on only potatoes. Discover how you can eat to beat illness and create optimum health by simply eating the most nutritious plant on the planet. Plus learn how Andrew is helping thousands of other people across the globe reclaim their lives.

Learn more about Andrew Taylor’s personal journey here.
Inspired to bring more potatoes to the table? Check out Andrew’s spud-centered cookbook: SPUD FIT a whole-food, potato-based guide to eating and living. And, definitely check out p. 67-70 where you can find my all time favourite potato recipe! 

Ep. 2

Debunking the Potato Myth with Andrew “Spud Fit” Taylor

Allan Misner, certified personal trainer, certified functional aging specialist, host of the 40+ fitness podcast and community, and author of: The Wellness Roadmap, is sharing what took him eight years to figure out … He - finally - put into practice what he really wanted out of his life.

In this Eat Real to Heal podcast episode, Allan will get you to turn on your inner GPS as well as show you the roadmap to wellness. Join us and take his lead and change your life.

“If you want to know where you want to go, you got to know where you are.” - Allan Misner

Ep. 3

Finding the “Why?” of your life: Allan Misner

Stress is huge contributor to chronic disease. Do you want to become a happier person who can handle any kind of stress thrown at you? Do you want to develop new skills and live a fulfilled life?

Get inspired by this incredible writer, consultant and entrepreneur. In this episode Alexandra shares how you can express yourself while keeping life simple. She dives deep into the importance of living every aspect of your life with intention.

Learn more about Alexandra and her work here. She’s a skilled word-wizard, all-round goofball and author of: You’re Going to Survive, So, This is the End: A Love Story, among many other brilliant publishings. 

Ep. 4

Get inspired with Alexandra Franzen

Meet Sarah Meyer, learn how she is living a fulfilled life even after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She shares her journey from being diagnosed with this auto-immune disease, how she never questioned what the doctors prescribed, and then how she realized that doing her own research and taking her health into her own hands could bring her so much more than she could ever have anticipated. Discover how and why she adopted a plant-based diet and the difference it made in her health, her body and her life. Sarah also shares resources and tips on how to make conscious healthy choices in EVERY aspect of your life so you can overcome autoimmune disorders like MS and more.

Check out Sarah’s fantastic blog here: www.blessedwithms.org

Ep. 5

Blessed with MS… Sarah Meyers

In this episode, I have the pleasure to connect with Claire Snyman. We learn about the importance of creating your own health care team, not being afraid to ask questions and insisting for further tests when you know/feel that something is wrong with your health.

Claire has been a victim of medical errors that happen too often in our healthcare system. After being diagnosed with a brain tumour, she decided to take her health into her own hands and she’s alive today because she did.

Join us and listen to this inspiring story.

You can also learn more about Claire Snyman, her books, blogs, presentation, workshop and more. Check out her website twosteps.ca.

Ep. 6

Manage your own health: Claire Synman

Meet Chris Brook, former British Armed Forces soldier turned entrepreneur, and follow this man’s incredible journey uncovering PTSD and TBI and how he pushed through depression and thoughts of suicide by using plants, breath work, movement and nutrition. His journey teaches us that we are all on a learning adventure and that we need to keep searching for answers to maintain our physical and mental health. In this episode, we share with you how Chris worked through his PTSD symptoms and depression by finding hope in many different interests in his own life. He didn't always know how to get healthy or even if he would get results, but he kept trying. He signed up to our Nutrition+Detox coaching program and found incredible results for himself and his brother! Always curious, he also decided to learn more about meditation, yoga, the Wim Hoff Method and also found out about micro-dosing...which have all led him to realizing a healthier and happier self.

Join us for Chris' extremely moving journey.

Ep. 7

You’ve got to keep trying - Chris Brook

In this episode, Akiho Matsunaga shares her actions and reactions from when she found out as early as in utero, that her son, Soskay had Down Syndrome and a heart condition. Akiho tells the story of how she learned, from a never ending google-search, the steps to getting Soskay weaned from his 24/7 tube feeding and how she went on to help others learn the art and science of tube-feed weaning. This inspiring woman shares the importance of searching further for answers and never losing hope for the best, especially for her son. 

I'm adamant this episode will give hope to other families going through similar circumstances.

Ep. 8

From down syndrome and a heart condition to successful tube weaning: Soskay & Akiho Matsunaga are truly blessed.

Find out in this short solo podcast, the basic steps of healing disease through Nicolette's Eat Real To Heal protocol. Nicolette is giving you direction towards living a healthy lifestyle through detoxification and a high amount of nutrients absorption.

You can also find a deeper description of this in her "easy to read" book called Eat Real To Heal, that you can purchase on Amazon or at any Green Moustache Café location.

Also, please don't forget to review the podcast and share with the people you love. Enjoy.

Ep. 9

Eat Real to Heal, a solo podcast with Nicolette

Happy Valentine's Day!

In this episode, Nicolette has the pleasure to interview the love of her life, the father of her children and the co-founder of the Green Moustache Organic Café - Pierre-Maxime Richer. Pierre is being brought back to what his life and health issues were before living a Plant-Strong lifestyle. They discuss head to head about the challenges they have faced raising children on a plant-based diet. Also, how important it is to stay strong and stick to your values.

Enjoy this loving energy and feel the connection. Happy listening!

Ep. 10

Being a plant strong husband, dad and more with Pierre-Maxime Richer

In this episode, Nicolette has the pleasure to talk with previous Gerson client and now close friend, France Faucheux, about the therapy that saved her life - the Gerson Therapy! Join her and France to discover the ups and downs, all the tricks, and what it all looks like on a day-to-day basis to embrace the Gerson Therapy for 18 months. With the support of her husband and a strong desire to heal, France reversed her endometriosis, optimized her health, returned to yoga, biking and running, and ultimately reclaimed her life.

For more info about the Gerson Therapy, visit the Gerson Institute website or visit our website at Richer Health to get recipes and ideas or shop items. Feel free to contact us to book a consultation, sign up for our online 5 week challenge or join us on one of our Eat Real To Heal retreats.

Ep. 11

Healing Endometriosis with the Gerson Therapy (R): France Faucheux 

This week we welcome Eva Chipiuk - yogi, lawyer and Green Moustache Cafe owner in Edmonton, British Columbia. Eva found out she had pancreatic cancer in her 30's, but there was no way in this world she was going to let it beat her. Learn how Eva decided to take charge of her health and how she turned her life around by taking a break from law and travelling the world. Discover how yoga became her ‘go to’ for mental and physical health, how she decided to give back to her community by becoming an entrepreneur. Eva also opened StudioX Yoga and the Green Moustache Cafe - a 100% organic, plant-based, unprocessed, whole food restaurant in Edmonton.

Evas story will inspire you to listen to, follow what your body, mind and spirit are telling you so you can attain optimal health in spite of a a scary cancer diagnosis. Enjoy!

Ep. 12

From Lawyer to Yogi and Green Moustache Café owner: Eva Chipiuk

Marina knew something was seriously wrong with her body and health, despite being told by specialists that all of her test results were ‘normal’. Marina shares her DNA story on this week’s podcast, explaining why she knows it’s a fabulous tool to help people on their Eat Real To Heal journey, especially when it comes to healing from cancer. She used the data from her DNA test to help her stay motivated and on track through her healing adventure with breast cancer and knows that her breast cancer could have been avoided if she had her DNA checked before. 

Marina’s incredible story of being diagnosed with breast cancer and of being maneuvered through the system to the point where she’s forced to take her health into her own hands leads her to discovering a whole other way of treating cancer, illness and ultimately life. Her journey will resonate with so many of you wellness warriors and her story will also inspire you to sit up and take notice of all the possibilities that exist when it comes to being diagnosed with and treated for cancer.

Ep. 13

Eating according to your DNA with Breast Cancer Thriver Marina Giokas

Food has the power to harm or the power to heal. With so much confusion about what what constitutes a healthy diet, Nicolette tackles the biggest misconception about plant-based whole food eating. In this week’s podcast, Nicolette walks you through the difference between a refined and processed plant-based whole-food diet which promotes disease verses an unrefined and unprocessed plant-based whole-food lifestyle that promotes healing and the reversal of chronic degenerative diseases. 

Ep. 14

Know the difference between a refined vs unrefined PBWF lifestyle: Solo podcast with Nicolette Richer

Zach Bush, MD is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care. The breakthrough science that Dr. Bush and his colleagues have delivered offer profound new insights into human health and longevity. In 2012, he discovered a family of carbon-based redox molecules made by bacteria. He and his team subsequently demonstrated that this cellular communication network functions to compensate for glyphosate, and many other dietary, chemical, and pharmaceutical toxins that disrupt our body's natural defense systems. This science has resulted in a revolutionary class of dietary supplements, including the product, RESTORE. Dr. Bush points to his kids as the driving force behind his passion for change. He is fiercely motivated by a desire to have them experience a much brighter and healthier future. His education efforts provide a grassroots foundation from which we can launch change in our legislative decisions, ultimately up-shifting consumer behavior to bring about radical change in the mega industries of big farming, big pharma, and Western Medicine at large. Learn more at www.zachbushmd.com, www.intrinsichealthseries.com, and www.restore4life.com.

Want more background info on the science behind everything Dr. Bush and I discussed in this Eat Real to Heal podcast?
#1. Listen this podcast first.
#2. Listen to this podcast second.

And gather your family, friends and community and watch Dr. Bush’s new docu-series Farmer’s Footprint here.

This Eat Real to Heal episode with Dr. Zach Bush takes you deeper into the work that we collectively need to do on this planet to reclaim our soil, our food, and our health. We have the power to reverse chronic disease and cancer and the answer lays in the biology and wonder of the microbiome that lives beneath our feet and within and around our bodies. And only from this healing place will our collective consciousness rise up so we can put an end to the high rates of suicide that affect our farmers, our physicians and our youth. To prepare for this inspiring podcast that transitions us through the doom and gloom of our current state to the hope and love that is already all around us, you’ll need to bring yourself up to speed on many of the topics being discussed by listening to Dr. Bush on Rich Roll’s podcast.

Ep. 15

Soil Regeneration: The Answer to Physician and Farmer Suicide Rates, Autism and More with Dr. Zach Bush

When a cancer returns for a second time, taking your health into your own hands and doing the Gerson Therapy may be the best, if not the only, life saving answer. Listen to this inspiring Eat Real to Heal podcast where Beata Bishop shares her story of how she was diagnosed with and treated for the fastest-spreading kind of cancer - malignant melanoma. Though her oncologist told her after her disfiguring surgery - “We got it all - your problems are over!” - within a year the cancer spread into her lymphatic system. 

Learn how she refused further treatment and instead decided to take on the Gerson Therapy, an unrefined, 100% organic, plant-based whole-food chronic disease and cancer treatment developed by an eminent German physician, the late Dr. Max Gerson. And in so doing, she reversed the cause of most disease, nutrient deficiency and toxicity, reclaimed her health and reversed malignant melanoma from the comfort of her home and kitchen. Beata Bishop is a writer and author of A Time to Heal, a psychotherapist and a former BBC journalist. She is now 39 years cancer free, 95 years young and still thriving in her home in London, UK.

Buy Beata’s book, A Time to Heal and let us know what you think! You can get her wonderful book here.

Ep. 16

When melanoma returns for the 2nd time, Beata Bishop saves her life with the Gerson Therapy.

While Eat Real to Heal strives to show you how you can live longer and live well, this podcast explores the reality of death with Michelle and Reena - founders of WILLOW End of Life. Willow’s goal is to help you find joy in preparing for your inevitable death - a natural process in life that many often fear or ignore. Michelle and Reena are experts in using this enriching experience of thinking about and planning for dying and death as an opportunity to grow and connect with your loved ones starting today. How do you want to be remembered? What is your legacy that you wish to see come true. Join us for this life enriching podcast and discover answers to more questions like - How would the reality of your mortality impact the way you live, now? and How will you continue to inspire people after you die?

 Dive into this show with us and discover how WILLOW is supporting thousands of people to take on end of life planning as a robust and meaningful expression of who they are.

Ep. 17

From Labia to Living to Dying: We explore the reality of your mortality with WILLOW End of Life (EOL) experts, Reena and Michelle.

Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, but world renowned Yogini and Squamish Water Kefir co-owner, Kristin Campbell, shares with us how to rock the entrepreneurial landscape with grace, humility, beauty and love. As a single-mom (we like to say double-mamma), Kristen tells us that it all starts with putting your oxygen mask on yourself first - oh - and you will want to also become a member of the 5AM Club.

Kristin is Kristin Campbell Yoga and is a yoga teacher, mentor, coach and student of life. She empowers and supports yoga students and teachers in living and practicing purposefully, in accordance with their highest truth and vision so that they can reveal their lightest light and make peace with their shadowy parts. After all, it all belongs.

Also in this weeks Eat Real to Heal Podcast with Kristin, you'll learn the hidden magic and science that exists within every bottle of artfully brewed Water Kefir - your microbiome will thank you for diving into this podcast. Enjoy.

Ep. 18

Five AM Oxygen Mask, Microbiome Magic, and Medicinal Yoga with Squamish Water Kefir's Kristin Campbell.

Sonya Looney is a world renowned endurance mountain biker and athlete and speaks prolifically about how she took first on the podium globally when she switched to a plant-based whole-foods (PBWF) lifestyle. Off the race course, she's also known for her juicy health & fitness podcast - The Sonya Looney Show - where she talks about how to live a high performance life through mindset, plant-based nutrition and more. In this episode, you’ll discover Sonya’s personal and relatable fears, discovery and journey into a PBWF way of being. We dive deep and uncover all of the tips and tricks that Sonya uses to stay healthy, vibrant and energized when she travels and races. You can easily adopt her methods to support your own transformation from the standard American diet (AKA - appropriately called the SAD diet) to a delicious and energy-creating way of eating that will empower you to take 1st place on the stage of life and health.

Check out Sonya’s writing and photography here, or book her to be a speaker at your next event. Enjoy!

Ep. 19

Sonya Looney: The plant-based whole-food ultra endurance biker, speaker, writer and real life game changer.

Bonnie Coberly knows all too well the downward spiral triggered from excessive long-term stress. After battling chronic stomach pain that left her unable to eat, Bonnie ditched the prescription meds, that weren’t helping anyways, and turned to food as medicine to heal her and inspire the launch of Healthy Bites. Dive into this podcast and follow Bonnie’s journey through launching a business that literally almost killed her and learn how self-care, food, yoga, and sheer grit saved her life, her soul and her business. 

Bonnie is an executive health coach, speaker, consultant, and your guide (or cheerleader) available to support you on your entrepreneurial path. 

Ep. 20

Honor the heart of your struggle and your hustle with Bonnie Coberly

Parents, partners, siblings, and friends - this insightful and truthful podcast with Shelby Friesen is a revealing and all-too relatable journey into the potential reality that may be affecting your loved one(s) and maybe even you. Science shows us that the connection between refined sugar and mood, energy levels and overall mental and physical health is strong, yet it’s all too easy to succumb to the strong addictive powers of ‘white’ sugar, aptly named ‘white death’. Join us in this weeks podcast and learn how Shelby’s sugar addiction fuels his underlying anxiety which eventually turns in a year-long, bed-ridden panic attack. You’ll also follow Shelby’s heroic journey and 4 year self-education venture into discovering the connection between healthy, clean, real food and optimal mental health. Share this podcast with your friends and family who are battling depression, anxiety and panic-attacks and who may benefit from hearing Shelby’s triumphant healing hero story of overcoming mental health using food as medicine. 

Ep. 21

Shelby Friesen’s reveals how his sugar addiction, anxiety, depression and year-long panic attack was turned around by plant-based whole-foods.

Ep. 22

Chris Brook is back again to share how taking a man’s life lead to him being curious about the infinite oneness of all life forms.

Chris Brook is a prime example of why we need to all Speak Up and share our own unique and powerful stories. No story is bigger or better than any other story, Chris says - however this spectacular Eat Real to Heal podcast episode with this former British Royal Air Forces soldier will stop your heart and open your mind - it’s packed with an infinite amount of life-saving info. As a returning guest on our show, Chris goes even deeper into how he went from suffering from depression and staring suicide in the face - not once but multiple times - to shape-shifting his post traumatic stress into Post Traumatic Growth. Dive into this episode and discover the healing and serving power of story telling, how snapping the pattern can save you from despair, and why you can’t let someone else’s labels of you or even your diagnosis define you. Enjoy.

Doctor yourself is the main message in this weeks Eat Real to Heal Podcast with Silver Health Institute (http://www.silverhealthinstitute.com/)’s Medical Director, Dr. Gordon Pedersen. While clean real food is still the foundation plan for maintaining optimum health, we dive into the potent power of using Silver to provide additional support to your health and to also treat disease. Dr. Pederson’s frank discussion of how to develop a relationship with yourself and your medical team is the key to navigating your way out of a chronic disease state and into a state of optimal living.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen is one of the worlds most educated and experienced doctors. He is board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, and Ph.D degrees in Immunology and Medical Biology from the Toxicology program at Utah State University and a Master’s Degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness.

He performed his cardiology internship at LDS Hospital under Jonas Salk, the medical researcher noted for the discovery and development of the polio vaccine. Dr. Pedersen has formulated hundreds of products, and is the best-selling author of several books. He is the Medical Director of The My Doctor Suggests Institute and is considered to be the leading authority on medicinal uses of Silver. He has personally funded efforts to bring silver’s benefits into Africa’s poorest communities with dramatic results including his published cure for malaria.

Ep. 23

Dr. Gordon Pederson reveals the healing power of silver and how to doctor yourself.




50% of Canadians, by the age of 40, will have or have had a mental illness. Healing hero, Andrea Lee, wasn’t going to accept being yet another statistic and so she took her health into her own hands. She knew there had to be another way and that addressing her lifestyle choices was the answer. Not knowing if she’d get results, she registered for our 3-month Nutrition and Detox coaching program and her learning and healing began.

Andrea discovered that simple, clean nutrient-dense food and beverages and deep detoxification was the answer that would end her sugar and alcohol cravings. Real food was also the the missing link in her battle with terrible digestive troubles and poor sleep and mood. After coming face to face with depression and life itself, Andrea did the hardest things you can do when life gets tough - she questioned what she was doing, took a left turn, and started making lifestyle changes that reclaimed her health and her career. Enjoy discovering Andrea’s heart-warming and wonder-woman-esk story of winning that battle against social norms. Listen, enjoy and let us know what you think!

Ep. 24

Wellness warrior, Andrea Lee, walks you through her healing journey from poor digestion, depression + excessive drinking to a vibrant health and life.




Legendary author, Dr. T. Colin Campbell of The China Study, Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, and The Low Carb Fraud and over 300 published research journal articles, shows us that we have two powerful ways that we can maintain optimum health. Also, Dr. Campbell shares that we have full control in turning off our genes that cause disease and in turning on our genes that heal the body of lifestyle diseases. The China Study is a revolutionary book that showcases some of the best research done on health & nutrition. The research is also presented in this moving and life-changing documentary Forks Over Knives.

This interview with Dr. Campbell is sure to shift your worldview as he presents a wealth of invaluable information about the role that nutrition plays in your life each day. What you learn can save your life by teaching you what you need to do to reverse your chronic diseases and ultimately reclaim your health. Dr. T. Colin Campbell is PhD trained in biochemistry, toxicology, microbiology and nutrition at MIT and Cornell University. He is also the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University (https://www.ecornell.com/certificates/nutrition/) and the founder of the Centre for Nutrition Studies at e-Cornell (https://nutritionstudies.org/). Enjoy!

Ep. 25 Dr. T. Colin Campbell shares how cancer and other chronic lifestyle diseases can be turned on and off like a light switch using food as medicine.Heading




Back on our Eat Real to Heal show is Susannah Meadows - the eloquently brilliant author of The Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up. In this show, we discuss the one consistent and powerful muscle that all people who overcome illnesses have developed. And Susannah shares what you can do to strengthen that muscle - just like did - which helped her make the switch to a plant-based organic lifestyle to reverse juvenile idiopathic arthritis in her 3-year old son.

Meadows is a former Senior Writer for Newsweek and has contributed to The New York Times since 2002. She lives with her husband and twin boys in Brooklyn. To learn more about Susannah, please visit her website www.susannahmeadows.com.

Ep. 26 Susannah Meadows is back to talk about Persistance - the key muscle that you need to develop to overcome the impossible.




Josh LaJaunie is faster and leaner than he has ever been in his life - and he’s mentally stronger too. This inspiring man went from being a Louisiana College football player from the deep-south Bayou, tipping the scales at over 400 lbs, to hitting a wall where deep down, Josh was actually dying a slow painful death from overeating, despair, embarrassment, and shame. This kind, warm-hearted family guy’s self-esteem was declining and it started eating away at his overall well-being. So Josh did what few people are able to do in this situation – he pivoted – he put the breaks on his life as he knew it, and he changed his perception about food. By second guessing his cultural norms and redefining what winning meant for himself, for his body and for his life - he healed, inside and outside. He adopted a new normal which included switching to plant-based healthy diet, changing the way he moved his body, and he developed a new mindset. The result - Josh lost 200 plus pounds. He overcame tremendous obstacles to restore and maintain his health. He reinvented himself as athlete, crushing marathons, winning an ultra and even gracing the cover of Runner’s World magazine.

Check out his new book Sick to Fit: Three simple techniques that got me from 420 pounds to the cover of Runner’s World, Good Morning America, and the Today Show and learn how to beat those nasty excuses that stand between you and the person you were born to be.

Also check out his Missing Chins secret Facebook group and new business that is serving others - WellStart wellness start-up..

Ep. 27 Josh LaJaunie redefines his cultural norm and loses 200+ lbs, becoming faster and stronger than he ever imagined he could be.




Barb is a powerhouse woman who doesn’t accept no for an answer. She is also the true definition of a wellness warrior and her Eat Real to Heal story doesn’t get anymore real than this . Through never giving up and through doing non-stop research, Barb eventually discovered the power of plant-based whole unrefined foods and juices a medicine. She went around the world in her research quest to find the brilliant mind of Kathryn Alexander - a Naturopath and Gerson Dietary Therapist - who showed Barb how to use the Gerson Therapy to heal herself of lifelong chronic health issues. After suffering from years of gut issues, extreme fatigue and mental fog, and multiple miscarriages, this new Gerson or Whole-food Plant-based lifestyle enabled Barbara to also repair her reproductive system. The result, Barb was finally able to get and stay pregnant. Her beautiful son is now 5 years old and thriving and she continues to raise him on the same whole-foods lifestyle that allowed her to reclaim her life. Barb is a lifelong learner and graphic designer and the founder of Roar Creative Agency.

Enjoy this episode of our Eat Real to Heal podcast and if you know of anyone that is trying to heal themselves so that they can get pregnant….please share this episode so that we can, together, spread the long-forgotten knowledge that food is medicine and that your body is innately designed to heal itself and can reverse and prevent chronic degenerative disease.

Ep. 28 Barbara McRae heals herself of fibroids and miscarriages through PBWF and discovers the miracle of childbirth.




Meghan knows how devastating inflammatory digestive issues can be. She eventually received a Crohn’s disease diagnosis after living for years with gut ache and a host of other health issues before finally saying “enough is ENOUGH”. That’s when Meghan took her health into her own hands and healed herself of the pain, exhaustion and other tribulations that come with digestive disorders. In this episode of the Eat Real To Heal podcast, Meghan brings you into her world of integrative therapies so you can learn the key steps you need to take to reclaim your health, rebuild your digestion, get your energy back and be free of chronic pain and discomfort once and for good.

Meghan is a Toronto-based nutritionist, author and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition which is growing a global tribe of vibrant living advocates. She’s also the author of two bestselling books, UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health and The UnDiet Cookbook, which are creating a revolution in how people think about their health. In addition to being featured in Forbes, Meghan is also ranked as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada, and she was named Best Holistic Nutritionist in 2017 and 2018 with National Nutrition. Meghan currently lives in Toronto with her husband Josh Gitalis, a functional medicine practitioner, and their son Finley.  www.meghantelpner.com

Ep. 29 Meghan Telpner heals her Crohn’s disease symptoms by turning to real whole food as medicine - the ultimate Undiet.




Marni Wasserman doesn't take no for an answer, especially when it comes to her health and her life. Her philosophy is deeply rooted in healthy eating and healthy living and in this episode of our Eat Real to Heal podcast, Marni shares her story of dedication, transformation and healing after she was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis (an autoimmune condition). Her training as a nutritionist and chef launched her into a world of educational entrepreneurship with writing, speaking and podcasting now being her vehicles to share the art and science of ultimate health. Marni is the co-host of The Ultimate Health Podcast where she's interviewed dozens of scientists, doctors and other experts in the wellness and health field. You can also find an abundance of Marni's delicious recipes through her instagram feed and her blog and don't forget to pick up your copy of Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet For Dummies where you'll learn how to make the changes necessary to uplevel your vitality and your life. Learn more at www.marniwasserman.com





Is Western medicine making progress when it comes to tackling heart disease and diabetes or is the current system contributing to the chronic disease epidemic? Dr. Hans Diehl was chosen as “One of America’s 20 Super-Heroes of the Health Movement,” and on this episode of the Eat Real to Heal podcast, Dr. Diehl takes you through decades of research and explains why the current health care system isn't the answer to you chronic health issues. He then spells out exactly what you need to do - starting with your next bite of food - to prevent, treat and ultimately reverse heart disease, Type II diabetes, and a whole host of other lifestyle chronic diseases. Dr. Hans Diehl directs the Lifestyle Medicine Institute in Loma Linda and lectures at the College of Medicine at the University of Illinoisat Rockford and at the School of Medicine of Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA. Offering more than 25 years of leadership in the emerging field of Lifestyle Medicine his pioneering efforts as an epidemiologically trained lifestyle interventionist with the Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) have shown how simple lifestyle changes can prevent, arrest, and facilitate the reversal of many of our largely lifestyle related diseases. With more than 50,000 graduates, the results of the Randomized Clinical CHIP Trial have been published in 17 peer reviewed medical journals. His books, Health Power, and Dynamic Health, and Dynamic Living book & workbook (co-authored with Aileen Ludington), have over two million copies in 17 languages in circulation. As an invited guest, he recently addressed, for the second year in a row, the World Congress on Weight Management in Chicago. He earned his doctorate in Health Science and an MPH in Public Health Nutrition from Loma Linda University. He has been married to Dr. Lily Pan for 40 years. Together they have two children: Byron, an orthodontist and Carmen, a clinical psychologist.

Ep. 31 Dr. Hans Diehl, a Lifestyle Medicine genius, shows you how to take down heart disease and diabetes by 73% and more.




Our guest today, Dr. Brandy Gillmore, shares her healing journey of being wheel-chair bound and in chronic pain and then rising to the superstar athlete and mind/body expert that she is today – all with using the healing potential of her mind. While the Eat Real to Heal Podcast often showcases wellness-warrior stories that teach the power of food as medicine to reverse even the most advanced of chronic degenerative diseases, this episode reveals the unlimited healing capacity of the brain. Her direct experience of discovering the science behind and then creating the healing results from her mind alone is one that needs to be heard by everyone. Dr. Gillmore works with top celebrities, entrepreneurs, Olympic Athletes, CEOs, clients and groups worldwide. Brandy’s desire is to create a better world and she is realizing this by sharing with people how to use the power of their own minds to heal their bodies and live an even better, happier life. Check out her mind-expanding TEDx talk and the documentary on chronic pain that she was featured in this past year “On a Scale of 1 to 10”. Follow Brandy on Facebook and Instagram.

Ep 32 Brandy Gillmore PhD talks about how she cured her pain using the healing powers of her brain




Andrew Munaweera is a founding member of Western Canada’s Naturopathic school - the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. As a nutraceutical professional, Andrew shares the science of wellbeing and how to reclaim your life, one nutrient-dense bite of delicious food at a time. In this episode of the Eat Real to Heal podcast, we dive into the pros and cons in the world of vitamins and supplements and discuss whether humans today can use common sense to navigate the world of nutrition and making food decisions. This episode is peppered with dozens of health tips and habits that anyone can adopt to turn their health around. Andrew’s personal life transformation story will inspire you take your health into your own hands so that you can reclaim your body, your energy, your health and ultimately your life. He may also inspire you to take up a new sport at any age, like skiing or golf, even if you’ve tried it before. Be ready to be transformed.

Andrew is a medical sales professional with 25 years of experience working with integrative physicians, pharmacists and natural channel retailers. In addition, he established medical divisions for two multinational nutraceutical companies and has consulted in the development of naturopathic formulations.

Andrew believes a high-performance dispensary needs high performance products. Therefore, a physician can deliver consistent and superior patient outcomes with carefully curated products satisfying the critical criteria: safety, purity and potency.

Ep 33 Andrew Munaweera and Nicolette discuss flax oil and the benefits of moving




On today's show we interview Victoria Moran, of Main Street Vegan and she is going to talk about her adventures in going plant-based, whole food, unrefined and vegan and how she's done it for ethical reasons, for compassion reasons for connectivity to our greater world, greater spirit, greater everything, in everything that we do and how she's created an absolutely amazing life for herself.

Victoria has been the Main Street Vegan for over 35 years, she holds the title of Peta’s sexiest Vegan over 50, alongside the male winner Joel Kahn. She's a best-selling author of over 13 books which include Creating a Charmed Life, The Love-Powered Diet, The Good Karma Diet, The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook and even her college thesis focuses on compassion, the ultimate ethic and exploration of veganism. So enjoy this podcast as we dived into learning more about Victoria's health coaching business, she's a counsellor, she's a corporate spokesperson and inspirational speaker, she is so many things and I'm thrilled to have her on the show.

Ep 34 Victoria Moran talks about switching to vegan, food addiction and living brilliantly!




On todays podcast I talk to Tim Yandlow who has been studying and using nutrition and natural medicine since 1990 both to support his clients and to keep himself well and thriving. He is a biologist and a scientist who studied a huge range of topics from energy medicine with Barbara Ann Brennan to European biological medicine, nutrition in homeopathy with Dr. Thomas Rau and so many gifted practitioners for over 25 years, so Tim is a wealth of knowledge.

In 2009 he had to tap into that knowledge because he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We dive into Tim's diagnosis and how he had to utilize all of that knowledge that he had gathered to heal himself. The story is beautiful because we are not against conventional medical technologies, drugs, surgeries and radiation or chemo. In fact there's a time and place for everything, but if we can implement the nutrition first and all of these other healing modalities, everything that's included in lifestyle medicine, we can further help heal people and we can also prevent diseases. Almost 90% of diseases could be prevent if people were to live by the lifestyle medicine principles that Tim had studied in. So jump into this podcast learn as much as you can from Tim because he's really truly a gift to be sharing his experience with us. From there we are going to dive in to what it was like after he healed himself and touch on the story about his daughter which is also a remarkable.

Tim has a joke book coming out at the end of the year, the proceeds are going to help cancer patients with their recovery costs. See his website for more info.
Connect or follow Tim on his website www.lifelongwellnessvt.com

Ep. 35 Tim Yandlow talks about his non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma disease and how he healed himself using nutrition and natural medicine.