Richer Health Retreats with Nicolette Richer allows you to experience the Eat Real To Heal lifestyle based on Dr. Max Gerson's principle of healing. The Eat Real To Heal protocol is an alternative, non-toxic option for treating cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, skin conditions, and many other chronic and degenerative diseases.

As a guest, you’ll be with Nicolette and the Eat Real to Heal Team in a luxurious, and beautiful location for 5 days of personalized treatment—which includes plant-based meals and juices, detoxifying coffee enemas, yoga, meditation, cooking classes, wellness coaching/education in a small-group setting, and private appointments with our holistic medical team when requested. We also offer optional extras such as massage therapy, acupuncture, coaching and counselling sessions, spiritual shaman sessions and homeopathy or naturopathy.



You’ll see the improvement within days. Lower stress hormone levels, lower cholesterol levels, improved white blood cell count, blood sugar back in balance. We will review your blood tests at the beginning and end of your stay so that you can see the transformation that’s happening inside your body at almost-real time.


The Richer Health Clinic is located in Pemberton, BC — a tranquil mountain village with a population under 3000 people, about 150 kms north of Vancouver. Nestled under Mount Currie with stunning views of the dramatic mountain heights, and easy access to Pemberton’s many hiking, mountain biking and walking trails.


All our meals are made from organic, plant based ingredients only. You’ll enjoy a 100% organic, plant-based diet designed to reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and combat disease. We pride ourselves on making “healthy food” taste delicious. Creamy, crunchy, chewy, imaginative and incredibly tasty—each meal, prepared by our chef, is a rainbow of colors and sensory delight. You won’t feel hungry or deprived in any way.


You’ve been diagnosed with a serious, life-threatening disease—such as cancer—and you want to switch to an organic, detoxifying diet as part of your treatment regime.

You’ve been diagnosed with a non-life-threatening condition—like arthritis, migraine headaches, allergies, or psoriasis—and you want to see if adjusting your diet and lifestyle might reduce (or even erase) the uncomfortable symptoms you’re experiencing.

You’re recuperating from an injury, surgery, or some other stressful life event, and you want to accelerate the healing process.

You’re not currently sick or injured, but you just don’t feel “great.” You often feel lethargic, stressed, anxious, or uncomfortable in your skin. You want to learn how to take better care of yourself so that you can prevent disease, feel better, and enjoy a long, vibrant life.

We welcome guests of all genders, all types of health goals, and all walks of life.

While our primary focus is on disease prevention, reversal, and recovery, you don’t necessarily have to be “unwell” to visit our clinic. If you are already relatively healthy—but want to feel even better—our doors are open to you, too.

Learn what foods are healing and how to eat so you can "Eat Real to Heal" + BONUS: Discover how to eat more food to lose more weight.


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lindsay clarke

Nicolette and her protocol changed my life. Being diagnosed with Cancer was a scary and overwhelming wake-up call, but with Nicolette’s support, I was able to make a total lifestyle upgrade inside and out. She taught me how to understand what my body was telling me and that the best pharmacy was actually my kitchen. As a health-conscious person, I was shocked to see how nutrient-deficient I was. Through the Eat Real To Heal protocol I was able to re-nutrify my body and kick cancers butt – now over 2 years cancer free. I am still experiencing the long-term benefits of this therapy not only being cancer free but also living with more energy and greater version of my optimum health. Nicolette brings it all together; education, nutrition, detoxification and psychology in the pursuit of healing yourself. If you are ready to take your health and healing into your own hands Nicolette is the greatest resource I could recommend. Prioritize your health and vitality, Nicolette and the Eat Real To Heal protocol will teach you how to create a more vibrant life.


The online Eat Real to Heal program has been wonderfully informative and easy to use. Adhering to the Eat Real to Heal guidelines taught by Nicky has left me with an overwhelming sense of cleanliness both in my body and my mind. Thank you.

Meghan, Nutrition + Detox Coach

The Eat Real to Heal program was an awesome resource for learning how to live from a place of optimal health. I was not expecting my personal diet to be affected as much as it did, especially because I already follow a plant-based diet. However, from the program, I learned SO much!


Nicolette ran a workshop on nutrition and health for our Food Skills and Nutrition Program developed for low income seniors and families. The participants were excited about the information and the recipes they came away with. The next day, two people approached me and mentioned they had made a smoothie following one of her recipes, and many expressed interest in working with Nicolette longer term to improve their own health.

Marie-Lynn, Nutrition + Detox Coach

Taking the Nutrition + Detox Certification course has been such a great experience in so many ways. It brought out all these different, positive qualities in me I didn't realise I had. I became way more curious, critical and hungry to discover the truth about all the misconceptions that exist around health, which I believed without questioning them.

One of the biggest challenges for me was also the biggest win – cooking this specific way. I learned to enjoy the benefits of cooking using the long and low method and ... I also made friends again with the potato.”