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January 25, 2019 Edited by Stephie Hennekam MEET PILAR … … Who, for the past two years, has submerged herself in the most amazing healing journey. She wants to share this life changing experience to show there is more hope than we sometimes think. There is always a way. WHAT MADE YOU START LOOKING INTO […]

January 24, 2019 Edited by Stephie Hennekam MEET BARBARA … … Who as far back as she can remember, always had stomach issues after eating. Her parents didn’t pay too much attention to it because it was the 80ies; a time when families were eating pizza pops and frozen dinners cooked in microwaves. Over time […]

Edited by Stephie Hennekam MEET ELLA* … … who, as a life-long foodie, thought she was eating good food. She avoided processed foods and packages, made elaborate meals from scratch, and loved to cook, smothering things in butter, marinating in oils, stirring up rich gravies and sauces, adding salt and rich spices to everything. Even […]

November 7, 2018 Edited by Stephie Hennekam MEET AYLA … … who from being 220 pounds at age 16, being diagnosed with a brain condition requiring a risky surgery, and watching her dad go through a stage-3 cancer diagnosis, knows the feeling of hitting rock bottom. She also knows the feeling, however, of coming out […]

October 31, 2018 Edited by Stephie Hennekam MEET ANDREA … … who spent years suffering with constant brain fog, low energy, depression, anxiety, digestive health issues, poor sleep, weight gain and insane sugar cravings! Her symptoms were so diverse she did not think they could all be connected. Constantly bouncing from diet to diet, trying […]

July 25, 2018 By Katie Guthrie   Having firsthand experience, I can tell you how much our gut and brain work together. Eleven months ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease that made my body hyper-react to gluten. There was so much inflammation in my gut it affected my brain resulting in […]

February 6, 2018 This week, in part 1 of this series about autoimmune diseases, you will learn what autoimmune diseases are, how and why diet can heal autoimmune diseases, and read about Dr. Brooke Goldner’s personal story: she healed from Lupus by changing what she ate. Next week, we share Dr. Goldner’s practical tips on what […]

November 14, 2017 Photo credit Pixabay By Kevin Damaskie On Christmas Eve 2011 France Faucheux knew something was terribly wrong. Since July of that year, France, now 42, had been dealing with abdominal pain so intense she could barely think. Living a normal life and managing her cleaning business and caring for her family was out […]