Healing Heroes – How Eating Real To Heal Enabled Andrea To Live To Her Fullest Potential

June 17, 2019

October 31, 2018

Edited by Stephie Hennekam


… who spent years suffering with constant brain fog, low energy, depression, anxiety, digestive health issues, poor sleep, weight gain and insane sugar cravings! Her symptoms were so diverse she did not think they could all be connected. Constantly bouncing from diet to diet, trying new work-out plans and never getting results, life felt like a struggle. Andrea knew she was not living to her fullest potential.

One morning she woke up with what might have been the worst hangover of her life. She knew something had to change.  On that terribly hungover day she saw an online advertisement for a nutrition & detox course with Nicolette.  Not knowing a lot about Nicolette at the time, and out of desperation and the need for change, she signed up. Andrea soon found out that this course was exactly what she needed.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Photo Credit: Unsplash


In my first meeting with Nicolette I quickly realized many of the foods I had been eating were working against me. My morning coffees, daily sugar binges, booze sessions and anxiety were hindering me on my path to optimal health.

At first, I had the misguided notion that I could cut out a few foods and immediately be on my way to better health. Unfortunately, it is not quite this simple. Reversing years of poor choices does take time. Giving up bad habits and addictive foods is no easy task, but through my teachings with Nicolette I knew my life would be better if I committed to making changes.

I started my journey with small steps such as cutting out animal products, switching my morning coffee for a fresh pressed juice, restricting my alcohol consumption and saying goodbye to sugar laden baked goodies. I learned how to make nutrient dense plant-based dishes that were delicious! I was pleased to see immediate improvements in my health.

My anxiety disappeared, my brain fog lifted, and I began to sleep much better. I focused on eating a plant-based diet along with whole unprocessed organic foods.  With Nicolette I learned how to heal my gut naturally, so I could begin to absorb the nutrients from the wonderful foods I was eating.


It has been over a year since I began working with Nicolette and started to Eat Real to Heal myself. I can say that she changed my life.  She is an inspirational woman and made me feel like I could do anything.  She opened my mind to dreaming big and living my best life.

When your body is nourished with plant based whole foods you have the energy to do more and hopefully help others along the way.  For anyone who is struggling with any of the issues I have listed I would consider making small changes to your diet.

Our digestive health is incredibly important to our overall wellbeing in both mind and body.  “The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison”.  I learned first-hand the power of food as medicine and am thankful for having met Nicolette and had the opportunity to learn from her.

Photo Credit: The Green Moustache Organic Café

Photo Credit: The Green Moustache Organic Café


Eating a whole foods plant based diet has provided me with energy that I never thought was possible.  I feel clear headed and ready to face the day.  I feel like I want to strive to be my best self and dream big

I am far from perfect and still fall of track as certain food and drink seems so appealing.  I love cake and beer and cheese and chips and more!  But when I fall off track I am reminded of how important it is to nourish my body properly. I feel terrible when I eat poorly, and my vitality is lost.  It makes me wonder how I lived most of my life feeling so low?

When I removed packaged processed foods, animal products, gluten and limited my alcohol consumption I felt alive.  The world needs more people who have come alive and this inspires me to stay on track.

Photo Credit: Andrea Lee Dodd

Photo Credit: Andrea Lee Dodd

Andrea is now one of the Richer Health Certified Nutrition + Detox Coaches. Her coaching-motto is “Nourish and flourish from the inside out”. Find out more about Andrea and how you can work with her here.

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