This 6-month comprehensive program in orthomolecular nutritional healing is designed to kickstart healing from the inside out of any debilitating disease. Once graduated, you'll use your new-found skills and knowledge as a Richer Health Nutrition+Detox Coach to help your community reverse chronic, degenerative diseases, and have the skills and knowledge to open your own plant-based, whole food Retreat Centre. 

Start your career educating and empowering others to take charge of their health so they can begin to prevent, arrest, reverse and heal themselves from their chronic degenerative diseases.

who is this program for?




People with a passion for health, the environment, and wellness.

6 months
Months 1-3 will focus on Nutrition + Detox Course
Months 4-6 will focus on Business Planning + Setup

Unlimited online access to course documents, videos workshops, and resources.

$4,800 USD pp 

4 monthly instalments also available.
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Two years ago, I started teaching students how to use food as medicine to reverse disease through the Eat Real to Heal program which is based closely on Gerson therapy principles. 

Since then we have graduated dozens of students who have gone on to create an assortment of careers for themselves – everything from being home set up trainers themselves, starting plant-based whole caterings companies, returning to school to do their masters in public health, buying an organic farm and setting up their own health practice companies, to working full time for Richer Health and Green Moustache companies. 

So we’ve decided to take this course a step further…we want to not only teach you how to do the eat real to heal program so you can teach it to others, we want to show you how to set up your own business from start to finish. By the end of this program you will be able to launch your own business in the comfort of your own home, all business plans complete, plus you’ll have the knowledge and skills you need to take on your very first client or start your very own retreat center.


Wants to create a lifestyle for themselves based on evidence based medicine, where plant-based whole foods are the foundation, and learn to prevent, manage and reverse the leading chronic degenerative diseases. 

Has been diagnosed with a chronic disease and want to learn how to reverse their disease using food as medicine.

Has studied nutrition but wants to know how to use nutrition to not only prevent chronic disease but also to reverse chronic disease such as the leading killers, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disorders, infertility, heart disease, mental health disorders like panic attacks, and anxiety, etc. 

Wants to start a small business, and change the world one plate at a time.

Desires to help people become the best versions of themselves and achieve optimal health. 

No degree necessary - Just a passion for health, the environment and wellness.


Learn the art and science of nutritional medicine, detoxification, the nature of disease and it's progression, and about the body's innate self-healing mechanisms.

Learn how the body is naturally designed to repair and reverse disease

Learn about the history of current medical cancer and chronic disease treatments

Learn different coaching techniques so you can adjust your coaching style to any client

Learn disease fighting (anti-angiogenic) meal planning skills that teach clients to beat cancer and chronic disease

How to set up and work with/alongside a whole health team

Different techniques to cope with stress and detoxify beyond food

Learn how to work with clients, do client intakes, take complete health histories that show patterns, behaviour change techniques and habit shifting tool

Learn how to start your own business, includes getting a proven business plan that you can take to the banks and other lenders the minute you graduate. 

Learn how to market your business, how to partner with referral partners, and how to increase word of mouth.

Learn how to get additional business support for free, and paid for, after they finish our program.

Learn how to access money to start up their business.

Learn how to set up systems and intake clients.

Learn how to build and update your own website and social media channels.

Learn how to develop your own clients’ success stories and get testimonials

Learn how to write research papers, write blogs, and do public presentations which will attract more clients. 



During our 6 months together, months 1-3 will focus on your Nutrition + Detox Certification. Following this, months 4-6 will focus on your business, from planning to setup, and how to start attracting clients.
This course is very hands on. Each week you'll get to put into practice what you have learned, living an anti-disease, optimal healthy lifestyle, so you can reboot your body back into the self-healing genius is was designed to be.



Course Overview + Welcome 






Complimentary 2-day Online kick off event where you will learn necessary, practical skills to be able to apply this nutritional therapy and work with clients

How to detoxify safely from your own home + experience the ultimate liver detox

Eating Real to Heal: A whole-body systems approach to health

Apply techniques to build up whole-body resilience + shift stress.

Business start up and launch coaching overview






How to design, build out, lease, and gain licenses for your business. 

Develop full-length + one page business plans to help you gain funding from multiple sources 

Create a food safety plan and learn how to work with your local health authorities. 

All things human resources, payroll, payment systems, and why, when and how to hire a book keeper, lawyer, accountant and other professional services

Learn how to access money to start up your business, attracting investors, pitching your business, and how to manage cash flow. 






Learn how to source suppliers for everything your business needs. 

Learn about discrimination practices under the Human Rights Code, as well as Workers Compensation 

Learn the different legal and insurance requirements for your business

Build out your PR strategy and learn how to attract your very first client


Learn how to market your business - branding, website, social media, referral partners and graphic design

Learn how to support yourself as an entrepreneur, from mentors to self care, to aligning your business desires with your true life purpose


Learn what foods are healing and how to eat so you can "Eat Real to Heal" + BONUS: Discover how to eat more food to lose more weight.






Learn how to set up and work with/alongside a whole health team + create a network of Medical Doctors 

Learn how to create a toxic-free environment beyond a clean and resilient body

Learn stress-relieving techniques that will enhance the success of your new, disease-kicking lifestyle

Final presentation and research paper due

Create a 6-Week Integration Plan to help you take everything you’ve learned during the retreat and successfully weave it into your everyday life.



Final Exam + Certificate of completion 

MONTH 1-3: NUTrition + detox certification 

MONTH 4-6: business planning + setup 


A complimentary 2-day online kick off event where you will learn necessary, practical skills to be able to apply this nutritional therapy and work with clients - VALUED AT $1,295

Full length - Business plan to get funding from multiple funding sources - VALUED AT $4800

One page business plan to pitch your new business to investors - VALUED AT $650

Business start up and launch coaching - VALUED AT $1200

Life long access to the RH Nutrition + Detox course material +15 hrs of video material where Nicolette Richer explains the Eat Real to Heal Lifestyle in bite-sized portions

Everything you need to know to start your own Nutrition and Detox Wellness Centre - PRICELESS 

Knowledge, art, science, cooking techniques and skills all around food as medicine - VALUED AT $1200

Certification of completion to differentiate yourself from other health based entrepreneurs

Resources to access for life and further educate you - VALUED AT $750

Ongoing coaching and community to support you online as part of FB group – ask us anything

Marketing, PR and advertising plan to grow your customer base 

25 years worth of knowledge, skills, mistakes and successes – PRICELESS

Be showcased on our podcast, on our website, on our 22M Map and during our 22M tour as being an entrepreneur that is making a difference to reverse chronic disease in Canada.

Access to our Eat Real to Heal Online course for 5 of your family members that currently have a chronic disease and want to use food as medicine to reverse their illness - VALUED AT $485

If you have a health condition, 50% of a private one on one consult with Nicolette - value $395

And so much more....


Plant-based nutrition, wellness and regeneration and your guide for the next 6 months

Nicolette Richer is a Regenerative Medicine Educator, entrepreneur, author, Doctoral student and speaker. She is a savvy wellness facilitator and a renowned environmental and sustainability expert, with an insatiable desire to learn and educate. Nicolette transforms people with chronic disease or cancer into conquerors of their condition through nutrition. Nicolette speaks regularly to captivated audiences about healing cancer + chronic disease through nutrition and detoxification. 

Founder and CEO of The Green Moustache Juice Co. and the Richer Health, Sea to Sky Thrivers Society & the Richer Health Nutrition + Detox Wellness Centre.

Doctoral student studying the connection between the microbiome and obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and mental health. Research project will explore the arresting and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and depression in Canadian Indigenous communities using traditional plant-based whole-foods and medicinal plants, orthomolecular medicine and culturally related community support systems. 

Certified Max Gerson Health Trainer.

10+ years as a speaker, including a TEDx talk and Dragons’ Den appearance.

15+ years as a Regenerative Medicine Health Educator.

Start your career educating and empowering others to take charge of their health TODAY



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Lindsay, Whistler, BC, Canada

“The only obstacle that would have prevented me from joining the RH Nutrition . + Detox course would have been the cost. It is rare that I invest money into my personal growth, but it has been money very well spent. When I joined the program I was excited to learn more about nutrition, but what I did not expect was to solve most of my personal health issues. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world and I never want to turn back. I have learned how to care for myself and how to set my body and mind up for long-term health success. Nicolette is an amazing teacher and leader and I loved meeting with the group and learning as well as sharing our thoughts and feelings on all things health! This program has helped me change my life for the better and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with others.”

Kevani M.

I signed up for the Nutrition + Detox Certification Course hoping it would open up a new area of learning for me – and it certainly did. The course content and assigned "homework" has opened my eyes to disturbing issues within our food industry and health care system and has motivated me to begin what I hope is a lifelong journey into harnessing the power of food to keep my family and loved ones healthy.

I would recommend the course to everyone, from moms like me looking for ways to raise healthy kids and benefit our local communities to certified nutritionists looking for a specialty protocol like this one to add to their toolbox.

Meghan, Nutrition + Detox Coach

The Eat Real to Heal program was an awesome resource for learning how to live from a place of optimal health. I was not expecting my personal diet to be affected as much as it did, especially because I already follow a plant-based diet. However, from the program, I learned SO much!


Nicolette ran a workshop on nutrition and health for our Food Skills and Nutrition Program developed for low income seniors and families. The participants were excited about the information and the recipes they came away with. The next day, two people approached me and mentioned they had made a smoothie following one of her recipes, and many expressed interest in working with Nicolette longer term to improve their own health.

Marie-Lynn, Nutrition + Detox Coach

Taking the Nutrition + Detox Certification course has been such a great experience in so many ways. It brought out all these different, positive qualities in me I didn't realise I had. I became way more curious, critical and hungry to discover the truth about all the misconceptions that exist around health, which I believed without questioning them.

One of the biggest challenges for me was also the biggest win – cooking this specific way. I learned to enjoy the benefits of cooking using the long and low method and ... I also made friends again with the potato.”