Your body is a self-healing organism. You were born with natural self-repair mechanisms that can keep infectious agents under control. Given the right environment, our bodies can get rid of environmental pollutants we subconsciously take in each day from our foods, water, air, and can heal damaged tissues from serious injuries.

Although the Eat Real 2 Heal Course is online, it is hands-on. Each week you'll put into practice what you have learned, living an anti-disease, optimal healthy lifestyle, so you can reboot your body back into the self-healing genius is was designed to be.

who is this program for?




People with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, skin conditions, Crohn’s, ME and other autoimmune disorders, allergies, asthma, arthritis, chronic pain, infertility, eye conditions, and other degenerative conditions. AKA Everyone.

6 weeks minimum (or longer - you go at your own pace)

Unlimited online access to course documents, videos workshops, and resources.

$497 USD


+15 hrs of video material where Nicolette Richer explains the Eat Real to Heal Lifestyle in bite-sized portions;

practical tools to apply this nutritional therapy in your kitchen: how to cook 6 meals in 2 hrs, how to prep raw + cooked foods, how to do your shopping, how to apply the cooking techniques, and more!

key elements of food therapy, the biochemical principles behind the therapy and how to implement them successfully;

how to do a coffee enema liver detox at home;

stress-relieving techniques that will enhance the success of your new, disease-kicking lifestyle;

access to an abundance of sources to read, listen and watch;

Private Facebook group where you can find support, answers, and inspiration from peers


Learn what foods are healing and how to eat so you can "Eat Real to Heal" + BONUS: Discover how to eat more food to lose more weight.






How to restore nutritional deficiencies using food as medicine.

How to detoxify safely from your own home + experience the ultimate liver detox.

Eating Real to Heal: A whole-body systems approach to health

Apply techniques to build up whole-body resilience + shift stress.


Bonus modules. Support yourself through your mental state, sleeping, breathing, speaking your truth, and how to trust your 'HUT'.

Lindsay, Whistler, BC, Canada

Nicolette and the Gerson Therapy changed my life. Being diagnosed with cancer was a scary and overwhelming wake-up call,
but with Nicolette’s support, I was able to make a total lifestyle upgrade inside and out.
She taught me how to understand what my body was telling me and that the best pharmacy was actually my kitchen.

As a health-conscious person, I was shocked to see how nutrient-deficient I was.
Through the Gerson Therapy, I was able to nutrify my body and kick cancer's butt – now over 6 years cancer free.

I am still experiencing the long-term benefits of Gerson Therapy, |not only being cancer free but also living with more energy and being a greater version of my optimum health. Nicolette brings it all together; education, nutrition, detoxification and psychology in the pursuit of healing yourself. If you are ready to take your health and healing into your own hands Nicolette is the greatest resource I could recommend.

Prioritise your health and vitality! Nicolette and the Gerson therapy will teach you how to create a more vibrant life.


The online Eat Real to Heal program has been wonderfully informative and easy to use. Adhering to the Eat Real to Heal guidelines taught by Nicky has left me with an overwhelming sense of cleanliness both in my body and my mind. Thank you.

Meghan, Nutrition + Detox Coach

The Eat Real to Heal program was an awesome resource for learning how to live from a place of optimal health. I was not expecting my personal diet to be affected as much as it did, especially because I already follow a plant-based diet. However, from the program, I learned SO much!


Richer Health Indeed! Rich in information, rich in spirit, rich in nutrients and rich in great food. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful retreat - life changing, full of learning. Your team is incredibly supportive, providing us nourishment in so many ways.

One of the biggest challenges for me was also the biggest win – cooking this specific way. I learned to enjoy the benefits of cooking using the long and low method and ... I also made friends again with the potato.”